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Artwork, pictures, and reader inserts I now hate. Feel free to look around. Comments are nice.

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Drow :iconnareiel:Nareiel 264 82 Pangur Ban V :iconvil-painter:vil-painter 1,283 71
Japan and Reader-Stressful Mornings
Clasping the doorknob, you thought over your decision. Was it really the best idea to go through a magical door? You had no clue what lurked behind the entrance. Maybe you should just return home, forget this ever happened. That is what your brain told you, to think sensibly. But your heart had other plans, it leapt against your ribcage, pounding at the sight of the door. Spinning unknown tales, and your body soon became entrapped in its spell. With a simple flick of the wrist, you twisted open the door and quickly stepped inside. Leaving your world with a simple squeal in delight, as you disappeared into the void...
Honda woke up with sweat trickling down his face, his heart pounding in his ears. Placing a calming hand against his chest, he stilled himself with deep breaths. “That’s the same nightmare I’ve had for the past week” Honda muttered as he greedily took in the air. Honda raised a clammy hand to his face, brushing away his sticky hair. Glancing to
:iconliteratureatmidnight:LiteratureAtMidnight 63 41
Parasite Girl :icontomisaksen:tomisaksen 71 7
Japan x Reader Meeting You

Reader's POV
There you were, sitting on the seat of the bus you were riding on. Why are your days always like this? You would go to your school, study and go home. It always happens. This is your ordinary (I guess) everyday cycle. You're so tired of this! You want something new in your life! 
But perhaps, this day will be different from the others.
Why? well, look at your (super) handsome seatmate here in the bus. He's so cool. His dark brown eyes shining every second, and his black hair makes him look so cool. His skin is smooth-looking and he looks a tourist from Japan.  Well, you think he's Japanese (Of course)
Then you heard his cellphone ring. He quickly answered the call and put it near his ear.
"Moshi moshi? Hai, watashi wa Kiku desu" (hello? yes, I'm Kiku) He said while nodding. You're right, he's Japanese! You wanted to talk to him, but your confidence is not with you. Your __(e/c)__ eyes were looking down on your lap. You slipped
:iconsakurafuubuki21:sakurafuubuki21 20 9
Bookstore Shenanigans (JapanXReader)
“Why am I doing this again?” you huff as you trudged through the snow that was blanketing the sidewalk.
You were close to reaching your destination, a bookshop, but it was not just ANY bookshop it was the bookshop “he” worked at.
You mentally scolded yourself time and time again for your weak willed nature when it comes to this; you would come in everyday just to see the counter boy.
You had never spoken to him, nor have you ever even attempted to approach the boy but you were already in love with him!
You opened the door to the store and stepped inside the warm bookstore instantly running for cover when the boy looked up at you from the counter with those alluring chocolate brown eyes.
That’s when you realized something, there was no one in the store and you were alone with the boy who made you feel butterflies in your stomach with just a glance.
“I was wondering if you’d show up, it’s snowing pretty hard out there” you jumped at t
:iconaewsomsause:aewsomsause 142 46
Drawing the team-dragon :iconhubedihubbe:Hubedihubbe 6,015 263
First Kiss-Ch. 1-Tokyo Tourist SQL-JapanxReader
Packing was never fun, not even when it was for a trip. Packing to go camping was twice as bad, because you had to pack all your materials too. However, you didn’t have much in the camping things department, so after you finished packing your warmest clothes (Alfred warned you that it would be cold), as well as serious water proof jackets and pants, you would have to go shopping for some. Camping wasn’t so fun if you didn’t have anything to camp in.
You were just tying your tenni-shoe strings when Kiku walked by your open door, his backpack (which was acting in place of a suitcase) in his hands, and humming a lively tune that wasn’t familiar. “Are ou ready to go?” you called to him, standing up from your bed. He froze and turned to you, looking a bit like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar. His face was also a little pink.
“Um, yes,” he said, the pink in his cheeks fading. “Are you?”
“Yeah,” you nodded, j
:iconapostolicshadowninja:ApostolicShadowNinja 63 39
  The mundane world before me kept chugging along the tracks, heading nowhere, just as my legs took me. I blankly watched the final train arrive, the late hour and darkened planet simply adding to the desire of leaving the black and white void of the workplace and returning to the comfort of my own home. I could just feel the warmth of the open fire sink deep into my skin, the enticing sensation of the oversized furry blanket wrapped snugly around my aching shoulders as my exhausted form fades into the softest sofa that has ever been in my possession; the smell of burning wood, the sight of long shadows cast across the room, the sound of the crackling fire, the taste of hot tea running down my throat…
  The high pitched trill, warning passengers to stand clear of those fearsome doors that might just gobble you up if you get too close, brought me back to earth.
  How very disappointing.
  I suddenly realised I was already on the train.
:iconkumoninjafoxx:KumoNinjaFoxx 31 14
The Doctor's Name :iconchi-tenshi:Chi-tenshi 782 77
Mature content
Dark/Loving-Vampire!Japan*Reader: Prisoner {Ch.4} :iconpokebw4evr:PokeBW4Evr 87 213
Japan x Reader: Notes
~(Name)'s P.O.V~
My eyes wondered to the raven-haired boy on the other side of the classroom. Something about that boy, had always made me want to get to know him. His dark brown eyes, that always seemed  to look into someone's soul, black hair, that looks very soft to the touch, and always expressionless face. I've always had a feeling that it was a mask, but I can't be fully sure. When the finally rung, I sighed in relief and got my things together quickly. Walking to my next class, I felt a bit disappointed. I didn't have that class with the raven-haired boy, but I knew I would be thinking about him anyway.
~Kiku's P.O.V~
I knew that (hair color)-haired girl was watching me again, but it never bothered me like I thought it would. Whenever I see her glance at me from the corner of my eye, she always has a look of worry on her face. Was she worried about me, a complete stranger? Maybe it was because I don't talk to many people? Or because I rarely show emotion? Well, I'll never k
:iconpussinboots50:pussinboots50 38 9
Hetalia Shirtless Trio Lineart! :iconxworld-dominationx:XWorld-DOMInationX 5 1
Mature content
Pirate!Japan x Reader - Turn of the Tides :iconinesdantas:InesDantas 71 9
Drunken Antics
  “Seriously, Kiku! Why do I have to carry you!?” I retorted with little air, my energy slowly dissipating into pure exhaustion from the fully-grown male slumped over my shoulder blades.
  “Because, [Name]-chan, you’re arways SUPER STRONG!!” Kiku chimed enthusiastically, his arms flailing wildly in the cold, night air and unsteadied my balance.
  “N… no I’m not!” I wheezed, my steps reducing in size the further I lumbered.
  “Weeeee~!” Kiku cried as I felt his sturdy form gradually slip off my back. With groans that burned my throat, I grasped Kiku by an underarm and hoisted him over my back once more… a little too far: his forearm swung on his elbow in a limp and dislocated manner, flopping aimlessly along with the rhythm of my paces. But then his arm swung that bit too far, his hand clasping tightly one of the round objects on my front. I felt my eyebrows knit into themselves as I heard Kik
:iconkumoninjafoxx:KumoNinjaFoxx 219 273
Species I :iconcosfrog:cosfrog 503 30



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As my last journal explained, I feel like my art isn't getting enough exposure. So I'm leaving this account with everything on it, and moving to a new account. I'll still be back on here from time to time to delete notifications, but that's about it. Bye! I'm now on an account called LadyNidhogg. It's still very new with bugger all on it, but that's going to change!
  • Listening to: Markiplier
  • Eating: Does being dosed up on painkillers count..?
As some of you know, I've been here a few years. And my gallery has changed from pretty crap drawings, to fanfics, to drawings which actually now have some merit in them.

But I've noticed, even posting my latest art, everyone still seems interested in the weeby fanfics I did when I was 12. My art appears to be going unnoticed, and so I am pretty much going to stop posting on here. I'll keep the account up so younger people can still enjoy the fanfics, but at 18, and moving onto a Level 3 Games Design course, I want to move as far away from these fics as possible.

I want my art to be recognised, and in all honesty, with a full time course, family, and a pretty recent fiance on my hands, I pretty much have no time to draw as a hobby. There's then health issues, but I'm not going into that... I don't expect anyone to read this, as I've noticed even these don't get much in the way of exposure. But I'll put it here, so people know. Have fun with my fics, but I'm never touching them again. 

I hope my fanfics bring you weebs as much joy as they brought me when I was writing them, but I've grown a lot these past years, and now know where my passions lie.
  • Drinking: double mint tea
Super sorry I haven't been on at all lately, other than to keep track on notifications. But I'm balancing college, work, a relationship AND family. So I'm getting very little time to actually draw casually.

There's then also the fact that at the moment, life is pissing on me, without even the courtesy of calling it rain. I've got problems with my skin, side effects from the tablets, a horrible tutor, and am temporarily suspended from work because of the aforementioned skin problem. But hopefully, when the summer rolls around, I can draw a little more freely...

I've got a new tablet, so I'm bound to do some sketches on it to get used to it. So hopefully I'll post some things on here in the next few weeks!
  • Listening to: Markiplier
  • Eating: Does being dosed up on painkillers count..?
As my last journal explained, I feel like my art isn't getting enough exposure. So I'm leaving this account with everything on it, and moving to a new account. I'll still be back on here from time to time to delete notifications, but that's about it. Bye! I'm now on an account called LadyNidhogg. It's still very new with bugger all on it, but that's going to change!

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